Latest book: Cancer – A love story

Lauren Segal has co-authored five books: One Law One Nation; Great Lives, Pivotal Moments; Mapping Memories; Number Four; the Making of Constitution Hill and Soweto: A History.

She is a passionate and adventurous fifty-year-old married woman and mother of two children. Lauren currently works as a museum curator, her most recent project was curating and designing the new Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre. She heads up Trace, a research, design and exhibition company, currently in early stages of designing the permanent exhibition at the new Visitor Centre at Constitution Hill. Trace has also curated several high-profile exhibitions including A Prisoner in the Garden for the Mandela Foundation and Gandhi for the City of Johannesburg.

Inspired by her own journey into self-discovery and healing, Lauren is currently studying part-time to become a psychoanalyst.


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